Eve Cornejo

Born and raised in Russia; I learned to appreciate art from an early age. My grandmother especially helped foster a love and appreciation of fine arts. As a child, I enjoyed looking through the reproductions of many Russian and European painters that she kept in her home. From my earliest memories I always loved painting and drawing. 


While art was always a part of my life, I didn’t get into painting until recently. I have a bachelor degree in engineering from Russia and MS in accounting from the College of Charleston. While staying at home with my children, I picked up a brush and started playing around with acrylic. After a while my family began to encourage me to take painting more seriously. I tried different mediums and ended up loving oil which is now my primary medium. I believe that you can find beauty in everything and it is my goal to discover this beauty and share it with others. I paint a variety of subjects, but my favorites are people and animals. I also like to experiment with other mediums such as resin. I have used it in several art pieces and to restore and decorate furniture.